About Pastor Jim Sequeira

Aloha!  I’m Jim Sequeira, a Jesus follower, Hawaiian, husband, dad of two, father-in-law of one tall boy, the pastor of Cascade View Covenant Church, and an imperfect human living in the awe, beauty, grace and love of the Creator, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I am a descendant of my ancestors and an ancestor of my descendants. 


I was born and raised on the Big Island of Oregon, and grew up in Salem.  My ‘ohana influenced my spiritual journey which culminated with the unrelenting persistence of a high school best friend, Steve Bailey, finally getting me to a Young Life Club meeting by telling me the girls from our rival high school attended.  To “Bible-ize” my friend’s words, “They are pleasing to the eyes,” and he was right!!!!   That led to attending the Young Life camp called the Malibu Club in Canada, where I dedicated my life to following Jesus.  When I got home I was invited to Trinity Covenant Church, a safe place for an unknowledgeable new Jesus follower to see what God’s love and grace looked like.  It was there I learned the value and blessing of the church community and ‘ohana. 


My wife Glenna and I were married in 1985 and we had Megan, followed 5 1/2 years later by Christopher.  In May of 2010 we added a center-in-law to our starting line up; our 5’3” Megan married 6’8” Bryan O’Connell. 


I did the college thing by starting out at Oregon State University (GO BEAVS!), and graduating from Western Oregon State College with a BA in Physical Education, and received my Masters of Divinity from Western Seminary.  I am ordained through the Evangelical Covenant Church, and not online.  In addition to pastoring, I serve at the conference and denominational level in the Covenant’s Department of Compassion, Mercy and Justice. 


I’m a Star Wars geek, and some things I like and like doing are cooking, Hawaiiana, reading my Bible, building planes and sci-fi models, watching action & sci-fi movies, playing music (uke, guitar & piano), wood carving, photography, the ocean, the mountains, the grotto, divine risk-taking, hanging with indigenous people, discussing issues of racial righteousness, kicking it with ‘ohana, eating, and laughing out loud.  My greatest joy and blessing is being a follower of Jesus. 



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