Home Project

The Heart & Home program was initiated after ten years of setting up and tearing down the facilities were we have worshiped.  From junior high school cafeterias, gymnasiums, and auditoriums to even our current leased facility to some degree, it seems that much of our time was just setting up to have church.  Cascade View Covenant Church wanted a full time presence in the community, a beacon of light for all to come and worship any time of the week.


We realized there was a need for a more permanent facility, and pulled together several great members of the church to head up the daunting task of finding a place to call home, thus creating “Heart & Home".


This is a building fund where church attendees can donate funds above and beyond their current periodic giving.  The goal is to be able to purchase a building or property so Cascade View can be a non-stop presence in the community.

 Heart & Home Introduction

(A Short video about the people of CVCC)

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Speech given 5-31-2009 regarding

Heart & Home and sacrifice. (42:15m)






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